Property Management in Real Estate is the most valuable service a broker can provide.   Having a property manager on your team ensures that someone is working in your best interest that you can trust and rely upon for the success of your investment. 

Here is Why  

A property manager acts as a Single Agent (see definition) to the customer, devoted to the best interest of the owner and their portfolio.   There have been many attempts in the recent years to minimize the spectrum of services that a property manager conveys (such as collecting rents and general maintenance; (also known as discount management).    However, in principle, a property manager is in charge of All aspects of an investment, from paying bills, taxes, assessments, financial reporting and keeping up to date with a property's value and positioning.

An experienced property manager can take you through every step of a real estate transaction, and provide the resources necessary for anything that could occur, including legal and insurance matters, and place your property in the best position to sell or lease.   When hiring a property manager, it is important to check references, interview on knowledge of management techniques, finance education, level of experience and knowledge of the subject market. 

Property Management Services:

  • Preliminary Assesment of Investment Rental and Sales Value

  • Online 24 Hour Owner Access Software for History of Property (Accounting, Payment, Maintenance)

  • Marketing Plan for the Succesful Rental of the Property - In conjunction with leasing services

  • Inspection and Walk Thru (with Pictures and Reports) of Property Condition

  • Background Tenant Screening and Interview

  • Payment of Expenses: Mortgage, Association, Taxes, Insurance

  • Leasing Contract and Administration

  • Collection of Rents 

  • A/R and Accounting Reports

  • 24 Hour Maintenance Staff for Miami-Dade

  • Quarterly Valuation Reports 

  • Specialty Services as defined per Luxury Property

  • For a more comprehensive explanation of services and options, please contact us for an appointment at our local office.

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