Building a successful business in today’s world requires being up to date with technological processes and software.  Whether streamlining financials to prepare your business for a sale, or simply in achieving the maximum reach to customers for higher returns, the key lives in having a well thought out and implemented corporate structure.

What is a Corporate Structure?  You may say that since you are a small business, there is no need for fancy operational procedures.  That could not be further from the truth, and in truth, having a well set up network of processes is not fancy or costly.  A Corporate structure helps identify pitfalls and holes in the sales process that could add a significant value to your business.

During the time of Herbert Hoover, our 31st President, he implemented strategies of efficiency into the manufacturing industry and later into governmental matters.  These infusions into the system later led to the development of that which we know as Kaizen as well as Six Sigma (a very popular American certification to improve processes in corporations.)  The intelligence behind Hoover’s efficiency philosophies play an important role in government and corporations today.

Why to consider improving efficiency in business processes and what the setup consists of. 

Imagine you are in a meeting, and with the touch of a button, you are able to not only see the entire history of that client with your company, but all the documents pertaining to it, pull them up for discussion, see all the people in your company that have interacted with them, and even fill out contracts and agreements in an instant.

Or say you are at a function, and want to see what your employees have accomplished and are up to that day.  Or the metrics of a mass mailing you sent out last week.   You can do so with the touch of a button.

Imagine entering simply 1 name and phone number or email, and triggering a vast array or organized processes that get sent to the appropriate employees of your choice as well as any marketing and other business setups, to later be accessible like the above examples.  All with the touch of 1 button.   No more data entry, no more wasting time in meetings with information everyone already has, and a number of other efficient time saving maneuvers.

All of that and more is possible with a proprietary API.

Since 2004, Stella has been working with brokers to set up commercial divisions in South Florida.  Stella has successfully set up divisions not only in real estate but in marketing and service oriented industries. She has also been a Commercial Corporate Trainer for both employees, residential and commercial agents.  What started as basic consulting has evolved into a fully integrated Business System Design and Implementation course work, that takes a residential company with no commercial agents or structure towards a fully functional division.

Some of the core components include:

  • A Customized Strategy, Design and Implementation Plan catered to the individual brokerage needs
  • A Proprietary API Model (additional charges may apply depending on extent of coding required)
  • Metrics System design to analyze initiatives
  • Training and Recruitment Materials
  • Design and Execution of Business Systems Processes including:
  • A workable CRM
  • A Transaction Management program
  • Mass and Drip Marketing (Organic)
  • Proprietary Directive Initiatives to develop business and revenue enhancement
  • Checklist Systems that make employee and agent procedures simple and organized
  • Additional Training and Seminars available.


For a private and risk free consultation, call 305-781-4967.

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